Learn how to make colorful natural inks and drawing tools using resources naturally available to us in Mother Nature’s fall. 

Calandra Cooper will demonstrate ink making, mark making and hand wording techniques prior to you delving into making your own creatively-inspired drawings on water color paper using a handmade natural brush you’ll learn to make during the workshop, dip pens and traditional brushes along with your natural inks and drawing tools. 

 Leave with your artwork, a vile of ink and plenty of inspired-inspiration. This is a beginner’s class. No prior experience necessary. Space is limited. Please sign up early. Wear suitable clothing or bring an apron. 

 Duration: 3.0 hours Class Limit: 12 


Sample a variety of herbal beverages fresh from my garden! Enjoy old favorites like mint, lemon balm, lavender and chamomile with a touch of floral simple syrups, as we delve into botanical sketching.  No need to fret about being able to draw.  This class is suitable for the very beginners.  Bring along a fresh flower from your garden.  I’ll also have plenty of specimens in-studio for you to use. We’re drawing from bottom to top-from the root up through the stems and leaves to the head of the plant or flower. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 12.10.14 AM.png


Made popular by Dutch artist Fedor van de Valk, string gardens take traditional Kokedama, a style of Japanese bonsai where a plant’s root system is wrapped in moss and bound with string, a step Further by suspending them in the air; transforming the plant into unique hanging sculptural art forms. 

Calandra Cooper will demonstrate how to make a suspended Kokedama moss ball before giving you an opportunity to make your own hanging art. 

Take your moss ball home! Kokedama are a great way to bring diversity to your houseplants and beautify any space. 

They also provide an excellent way of gardening indoors when you’re unable to do so outdoors. 

 Please bring a plant. All other supplies and material are included. This is a beginner’s class. No prior experience necessary. Space is limited. Please sign up early. Wear suitable clothing or bring an apron. Duration: 2.5 hours. 


This workshop is a perfect way to spend the weekend or an evening before work!  We’re creating terrariums; bringing the garden indoors.  Calming, fun and easy to make, terrariums are sustainable, low-maintenance self-contained eco-systems that make beautiful additions to any room of the home or office.  

 Plants and tools included.  All you need to do is show up in good spirits for some calming fun. You’ll learn how to care for succulents and cacti.  Receive step-by-step instructions, a glass bowl or jar and plenty of time to create a small personal eco-system to take home.  



This is multi-sensory experience is meant to make you slow down and experience natural dyeing in a thoughtful, deliberate and mindful way. We’re dyeing silk using Mother Nature’s natural elements, creating pillows and writing gift notes in natural ink we’ll make during the workshop. Please bring and assortment of freshly picked flowers to share with the class. 




Hapazome is a direct way of printing with flowers, leaves and foliage to transfer natural plant color onto paper and cloth.  During this 2.5-hour workshop you’ll make a beautiful muslin garden banner and leave with your unique work of art.   Bring flowers and foliage from your yard or garden and a rubber mallet or hammer.  All other supplies included.