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I’m a multi-disciplinary creative and lifelong- learner who enjoy the challenges and thrills of learning new skills, in particular those that are old and lost. As the owner of Inigo Arts, formerly Center Studio 518, I do my own thing, including supporting other creatives in pursuit of providing their own independent creative experiences to the public at Inigo Arts, formerly Center Studio 518. If you’re interested, as an independent, please visit: ArtShare.

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Beginning Weaving: Tapestry

Beginning Weaving: Tapestry

If labels mattered and I HAD to call my work something, I’d call it contemporary. It and I are in the here and now:  modern, abstract and free-flowing; wearing black and in full color. I say black because I love wearing the color black and enjoy incorporating the color into my pastel work.

But, that could change.   

 For me, during the process of making I never want to be constrained or overly artistically structured. Creativity shouldn’t be so rigid. I never have a real plan for anything because that would never work for me.  I could never follow those types of instructions-mostly because I don’t want to and secondly because I’m too busy “doing” and “letting go” in order to create. That’s not to say I don’t understand necessary artist rules.  I just don’t bind myself to guidelines. I’m not afraid of drawing outside of the lines. Otherwise, I’d become bored, possibly frustrated and definitely uninspired.”-Calandra Cooper

Lettering & Chalking Workshops

Lettering: Calandra combines hand lettering, illustration and graphic design - adding vibrance to lettering whether for commercial or personal aesthetic. 

Fashion Draping on the Form: Basic Draping Workshop

Fashion Draping on the Form: Basic Draping Workshop


There are two main techniques used to create garments – flat pattern making and draping. Fashion draping is a playful approach to creating garments by shaping fabric directly onto the dress form. 

Through the process of draping you visualize your designs in a more immediate way, controlling the material and shape closely in order to achieve the desired effect. 

Skill Level: Suitable for all skill levels, including beginners. No sewing or draping experience necessary.

Beginner’s Fashion Draping

Calandra Cooper

Calandra Cooper


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