Calandra Cooper


I’m a multi-disciplinary creative and lifelong- learner who enjoys the challenges and thrills of learning new skills, in particular those that are old and lost. As the owner of Inigo Arts, formerly Center Studio 518, I enjoy the freedom of going my own way, in addition to supporting other creatives.

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If labels mattered and I HAD to call my work something, I’d call it contemporary. It and I are in the here and now:  modern, abstract and free-flowing; wearing black and in full color. I say black because I love wearing the color black and enjoy incorporating the color into my pastel work.

But, that could change.   

 For me, during the process of making I never want to be constrained or overly artistically structured. Creativity shouldn’t be so rigid. I never have a real plan for anything because that would never work for me.  I could never follow those types of instructions-mostly because I don’t want to and secondly because I’m too busy “doing” and “letting go” in order to create. That’s not to say I don’t understand necessary artist rules.  I just don’t bind myself to guidelines. I’m not afraid of drawing outside of the lines. Otherwise, I’d become bored, possibly frustrated and definitely uninspired.”-Calandra Cooper

Lettering & Chalking Workshops

Lettering: Calandra combines hand lettering, illustration and graphic design - adding vibrance to lettering whether for commercial or personal aesthetic. 


Calandra Cooper

Calandra Cooper


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