Classes/workshop I developed and taught throughout the community:

Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, NE.

From Fabric to Paper: Draping the Basic (3-day workshop)

From Fabric to Paper: Princess Dress (3-day workshop)

From Fabric to Paper: Pencil Skirt Designing(3-day workshop)

Hand Sewing (1 Day Workshop)

Drawing Fashion Sketches (1 Day workshop)

Vintage couture apron (1 day workshop)

The magic of natural dyeing (1 day workshop)

Fabric Dyeing: Rust Dyeing and Natural Inks (1 day workshop)

Fabric Dyeing: Shibori Dyeing Sumi Inking (1 day workshop)

Mother Nature’s Lost Color (1 day workshop)

Creating Fabulous Fabric (1 day workshop)

Never fear wine caps are here (1 day workshop)

Grow Mushrooms at Home. (1 day workshop)

Creative meditative art: doodle, tangle and Draw (1day workshop)

Creative meditative art: mandala (1day workshop)

Pollinators: Butterflies (1day workshop)

It’s so easy being green (1day workshop)

Mother Nature’s Lost Harvest (1day workshop)

Watercolor and wassail (1day workshop)

Spice it up with tea & cocoa (1day workshop)

Couture Techniques (3 day workshop)

Vintage Circa 1960 (3 day workshop)

Creating Fabulously Fun Fabric (1 day workshop)

Thrifting Fun:  Chalk Paint (1 day workshop)

Sewing Machine Tinker Workshop (1 day workshop)

Black & Yellow Magic Workshop (1 day workshop)

Get Your Float on:  Fabric Marbling (1 day workshop)

Altered Denim:  Not Yo' Grandma's Darning (1 day workshop)

Midwest Superfood Aronia Berries (1 day workshop)

The Union for Contemporary Arts

Fashion Draping, in half scale: Part 1 & 2 (2 day workshop)

Central States Community College

Indigo: Must be the magic (1 day workshop)