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Treasured in many cultures for its beauty and elaborate pattern designs at one time marbled paper was reserved solely for religious writings.  In some cultures, the destruction or unauthorized disposal of marbled paper was forbidden.  

Over the course of the Middle Ages, Turkish masters of ebru, as the technique is known there, took marbling to a new level and the art spread across the world. 

Today, marbling is used to create fabric designs, fine papers and artwork.

 I’m inviting you to join me lakeside for a sunset evening of cocktails, nibbles, water and paint as we explore art and color through the beautiful centuries-old process of marbling. 

After a discussion on the tradition of marble art and a discussion on color exploration, color mixing and pattern manipulation, participants learn the fundamentals of marbling, bath mixing and paper prepping.  You’ll have plenty of time to play with colors and patterns making samples before transferring your new skills onto your final pieces.  

Anyone with an inviting and willing attitude is welcome.  No art-making experience required. Space is limited. Sign up early. 

I’m looking forward sharing this creative evening with you.  

Date/Time/Place: TBA

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Paper making

Bringing the joy of paper making to you! Come learn how to make paper and add embellishments to make them truly something special by adding items such as cotton, seeds, flowers and more.

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paper dyeing 

We’re exploring ways of colouring paper with natural dyes!