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Recently retired, I love crafting and shopping at thrifts. I’m now able to dedicate more time to doing what I love and have greater opportunities to share my passions with others: tatting, weaving, crochet, sewing and thrifting.


“One of the most creative people I know, in keeping with her personal philosophy of “reclaim & reuse”, Rita has become an expert at recycling useful materials; artistically reusing them- remaking them into something extraordinary and ‘new again’. This is evident in the beautiful handmade items she makes!”-Calandra Cooper, Inigo Arts

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Rita presents a fresh makeover for a crochet classic, mandalas, representatives of the universe. But that’s not all, during the 60s they were adopted by the psychedelic movement and the Summer of Love. Today, revived and updated, these rainbow versions are suitable for many purposes, including home interior and gifts.

All supplies and tools included. However, if you have special yarn you’d like to incorporate into your mandala-please bring it with you to class on the first day.

Suitable for person with basic knowledge of crochet.

Date & Time: TBA


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