My classes are creative, unique and my own; not replicas of others. l limit class size and my classes are long enough to ensure learning and to encourage active participation, in addition to finishing a completed project. I also provide participants with “open lab” days in addition to paid workshop/class days.

Professional tools and supplies are used in-studio.

Etiquette: Workshops and classes are meant to be fun, enjoyable and inviting for everyone attending. The environment is friendly-non-competitive and comfortable. Those contradictory to this mantra are asked take their business elsewhere.

Inigo is a creative arts workshop studio-aimed at providing creative learning experiences. Interested in formal fashion design schools? Take a look here: FASHION DESIGN PROGRAMS

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Vintage dressmaking

In these workshops, participants learn basic couture techniques while constructing a garment from a true vintage sewing pattern.    

  • Prominent Designers Patterns:  A548 Mr. Blackwell & A749 Oleg Cassini

  • McCall's Designer's Collection:  Jacques Tiffeau N/1021

  • Vogue Special Design:  A Sheath V4652

  • Vogue 7630 1970's Swank

  • Halston McCalls 7012,  McCalls 5538, McCalls 5734

Doll series


We're making Little Miss Revlon doll clothing using a official vintage doll clothing sewing patterns.  

hat series

This workshop attempts to bring millinery back!  

In these workshop, participants make hats from vintage sewing patterns.  

Butterick 8880, Vogue 6930 (Halston), Vogue 7201 (Adolfo), Printed Pattern 49

coat series

In these workshop, participants make varying styled coats from vintage sewing patterns.  

  • Car Coat:  Vogue 5120

  • Coat Dress:  Simplicity 8130

  • Pea Coat:  Vogue 7666


The Gabby’s: Vintage Little Black Dress, French Couture Jackets, Vintage Suit & Printed blouse

Unlike French designers like, Christian Dior, Jean Patou and Pauline Trigere (to name a few), Gabrielle Chanel didn’t license her designs out to the sewing pattern manufacturers. That’s not to say, pattern manufacturers: McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick and Vogue didn’t attempt to copy her famous suit.

In these workshops, we’re mocking up our own versions of the garments Chanel made timeless.

  • The “Little Black Dress”, which Chanel “invented”. One of the enduring elements of the simple little “nothing”, always perfect in black silk crepe, is its ability to transform from nothing to something. Vintage McCalls 6353, a sleeveless dress with scoop neckline, dart fitted bodice and four gore skirt as our muse.

  • Susan Khalje’s custom sewing pattern and her French Jacket video series as our muse.

  • Claire Shaeffer’s book, Couture Sewing: The Couture Cardigan Jacket as our muse to construction Vogue 8804.

  • Vintage Vogue 6343, a straight jacket with open front and slightly built-up neckline with bracelet length sleeves and patch pockets. The skirt is slim and has a slit inside the seams. 

  • The Shirt: In 1957 or so, Chanel glorified the printed shirt (matching the jacket lining) underneath her iconic jacket, as our muse we’re using a pattern such as, Butterick 2

fashion draping, Hand sewing & embroidery

Wiggle Wiggle:  The Pencil Skirt

Couture Designer, Christian Dior set the world abuzz in 1954 when he introduced the “pencil skirt” from his H-Line collection.  Since then the pencil skirt has become a closet staple with its hemline raising or lowering depending on the trends of the day and season.

In this workshop participants drape and flat pattern make a pencil skirt.

Hand Sewing & Tambour embroidery

We’ll explore the beautiful world of hand sewing by learning and then applying a variety of permanent and temporary hand stitches to pattern pieces.  

Learn, not limited to, how to use a thimble, wax thread, attach underlinings, thread-tracing, tailor tacking and more.

A vintage sewing pattern is provided for use in class.  

These workshops are great for anyone wanting to learn how to sew by hand; even if you have no prior sewing experience.

We're also explore beginning tambour, a beautiful form of embroidery often used on couture garments and fabrics. 

For other Fashion Draping, Flat Pattern Making and Drafting workshop/classes visit the INFO page.


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