Marissa Boyer

From Marissa’s website:

“I am loyal to the object. I elevate the discarded and ask the viewer to engage with it in a new way. I use the object as found material. I deconstruct. I reassemble. I consistently alter the object in at least one way, removing it a little more from reality with each modification.”

Learn more about sculptor artist, Marissa Boyer on her website. You can also check her out on Instagram at: @marissasburritos

Margie Trembley

From Margie’s website:

“Omaha, Nebraska’s premier milliner, Margie Trembley is founder and designer of Margie Trembley Chapeaux. She is an Arkansas native who spent several years in Chicago where she explored creating with wool, silk and other natural fibers.

Influenced by her many trips to the Chicago Art Institute, her participation in a city-wide needle arts guild, and her interest in all things Japanese, allowed her to explore various techniques which eventually catapulted her into designing and creating ladies' hats.”

Learn more about couture milliner, Margie Trembley on her website. She’s also on Facebook.

Amy Voogd

From Amy’s website:

“My sewing studio is my happy place! My mother taught me to sew when I was quite young, and I received my first machine as a Christmas gift in high school. I have sewn clothing, costumes, quilts, home decor, and done alterations. I was fortunate to learn the art of professional tutu making from the lovely and talented Kristin Harper. I continue to learn new techniques through webinars, a Ballet Costuming Intensive, pattern drafting courses, and an internship with Travis Halsey at Halsey Onstage in Chicago. I am a full time costume designer for American Midwest Ballet where I have the privilege of working with Deborah Overturff and her brilliant costuming.”

Actually met Amy passing through one of my classes in the Makerhood at MCC. Learn more about this very costume designer at her website. She’s also on Instagram.